The New York State Department of Transportation is asking residents to participate in a survey to give planners a better idea of what the public wants in an area for bicycles and pedestrians between the City of Binghamton and the Town of Vestal.

The Route 434 Greenway Extension project looks to provide another 2.5 miles, separated from vehicular traffic along the south side of the Vestal Parkway from the recently constructed path at Pennsylvania Avenue in Binghamton to Murray Hill Road near the Binghamton University Campus in Vestal.

The D.O.T. says the plans now call for the new path to be protected by retaining walls and feature lighting and landscape elements.

The survey that can be filled out online at will help the Visual Impact Assessment team prioritize the appearance of the pathway.

The survey is available through Friday, August 31.

Paper copies of the survey are available at the NYSDOT Region 9 Director’s office at 44 Hawley Street (the State Office Building) 11th floor, Broome County Public Library on Court Street and Vestal Public Library.

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