I've often said that God has a sense of humor and was reminded of that this week when I read the story of the kayaker who ended up stranded in the middle of Lake George, prayed for help, and was saved by a floating tiki bar filled with priests.

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My grandpa was a pastor when I was a kid and he used to remind me all the time to be careful what I asked God for in my prayers because I might just get what I asked for and once I had it, I might not like it as much as I thought I would.

Before the coronavirus pandemic hit, I was so overwhelmed with life, running here and there and entertaining company non-stop and I so desperately just wanted some alone time with my family and prayed hard for that to happen.

Guess I got what I prayed for, didn't I? The good news is that I have liked this slower pace of life as much as I thought that I would.

While I do miss things like being able to go to my family cabin in Canada or hug my friends when I spot them at the grocery store, I've actually really enjoyed how life has slowed down. I've had more alone time with my family than before because all the running that we spent our time doing pre-pandemic came to an abrupt halt as did the majority of visits from family and friends.

I don't know about you, but when we come out on the other side, I plan to do my best to keep my life more on the low-key side, the slow side, the way that it is right this very second. I have truly enjoyed the summer of 2020.

YouGov surveyed over a thousand people about their thoughts about the summer of 2020 compared to previous summers and only about one in six people said it was their worst summer ever. Another 14 percent said that summer 2020 was generally good, 30 percent said it was an average summer, another 30 percent said that it was bad, and two percent of people surveyed said that the summer of 2020 was their best summer ever.

If you had to rank summer 2020, where would it fall on a scale of good to bad?

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