With the start of a new year brings new expenses.  Rent increases for some, cable bills for others, gasoline is up and down.  So how can you meaningfully cut expenses?  Here are a few suggestions...

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Streaming services - while less expensive than cable costs for services like Netflix and Hulu still add up.  Netflix $13.99/month, Hulu with Live TV $39.99/month and Amazon Prime Video $12.99/month, and new services are popping up all the time.

Newspaper Subscriptions - whether home delivery or online subscriptions can cost $5 to $10 per month.

Satellite Radio - Sirius XM runs on average $15.99 per month (after the promotional period expires). Local radio is still free or if you prefer Spotify or Pandora.

Cable TV - either look to reduce your channels, or cut the cord, get a digital antenna and check out streaming services.

Premium Gas - Unless your car specifically requires it, don't buy it...you could save up to 60 cents/gallon.

And there are more...including brokerage fees, Warehouse club memberships, gym memberships, bank fees and more.  Check out more ways to save here.




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