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Worries of the world been keeping you from getting a decent night's sleep? I've been hearing about weighted blankets to help with anxiety and restlessness, but nothing really grabbed my attention till I saw this one with a whopping 21,000+ reviews!


This weighted blanket has seven layers all designed to offer the highest qualify of comfort. The outer layer is ultra-breathable cotton and the premium micro glass beads that make it heavy are also perfect for temperature control. The quilted pattern ensures that the beads never leak, and it comes with a removable minky duvet cover for added warmth if needed (plus it's so soft). Want to use your own duvet to match your existing bedding? It's easy to unzip and untie the cover that comes with it and add it to the decor you already have!

Quility’s heavy durable blanket provides the security and comfort of a gentle hug, so you can sleep feeling comfortable throughout the night and wake up feeling refreshed! There are several sizes since choosing the right size and weight is paramount in reaping the benefits of a blanket like this, so be sure to check out their helpful chart to make sure you're picking the best fit for you.

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