How long does it forget to forget about a domestic assault and start acting like you're friends again? For Chris Brown, apparently it's about eight years. Earlier today, the rapper commented on Rihanna's Instagram picture of her 2017 Cropover Festival look with the googly-eyes emoji. In less than an hour, the comment had over 1,000 likes and plenty more comments that expressed their disappointment.

crawpova '17 #AuraForCropOva @aura_experience

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Apparently, the span of roughly under a decade clears you of your actions and gives you permission to pursue the thirst at free will, even and especially with the woman you hurt. Don't worry, Chris Brown. We've tried to forget 2009, too.

Celebrities who also admired Rihanna's absolutely amazing look for the annual Barbados festival include Chance the Rapper, Lorde and Nick Jonas.

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