It’s the Friday before Christmas. Those of us who aren’t currently concealing the fact that we’ve slumped over at our desks in a eggnog-hangover-induced nap have glued our eyes to the clock, counting down the minutes to a leisurely holiday break. Everyone just wants to get home, gather with family or other loved ones around a crackling fire, put on the musical stylings of Burl Ives or Bing Crosby, and have a nice mug of hot cocoa. Time slows to a crawl on the Friday before a long weekend, and we both know you’re not getting any work done today, so why not kick back with the soothing sounds of Chewbacca moaning out a classic Christmas standard?

The creators of the YouTube channel How It Should Have Ended have edited together a minute-long video of everyone’s favorite Wookiee giving his surprisingly tuneful rendition of “Silent Night.” Watch your back, Danny Kaye, because the latest Yuletide singing sensation is here. Destined to one day take its place alongside Phil Spector’s Christmas Gift for You as a holiday mainstay, Chewie’s take on the carol loses none of its serene grace when conveyed through guttural howls. We may never know whether they observe Christmas on the Wookiees’ home planet of Kashyyyk (the Star Wars Holiday Special poses some puzzling quandaries about the spread of Judeo-Christian belief throughout the galaxy), but if they did, we know it’d be beautiful.

What’s more, apparently, is that we can make Chewie sing whatever we want through the magic of quick editing. If the How It Should Have Ended folks are taking requests, make him do "All I Want for Christmas Is You" next!

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