Carrie Underwood has battled through so much in the past year, but in a recent Instagram post, the country star showed that she's embracing her scars.

On Friday (Oct. 5), Underwood shared a throwback selfie from her "Love Wins" music video, featuring her facial scars up close, partially covered by colorful makeup. The caption reads "#FBF to filming the Love Wins music video."

Just last November, Underwood had a scary fall that left her with a broken wrist and facial injuries that required more than 40 stitches. The singer has been very open about previously being apprehensive about showing her face after her injury, but it's clear that a year later, she's no longer afraid to show her battle scars.

The singer's face has since healed, with the scars being barely noticeable. This experience, combined with suffering three miscarriages throughout the past two years, affected her tremendously.

But things are looking up for the country star.

Underwood recently appeared on The Ellen Degeneres Show, saying that she feels "pretty close to normal" now, showing how much has changed within a year. She also announced this summer that she's having a baby, causing her to delay her Cry Pretty 360 tour until the spring of 2019.

Carrie Underwood Before 2017 Face Injury

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