Cara Delevingne is the latest to defend Rita Ora after her latest song, "Girls," received backlash from the LGBTQ+ community for lyrics that trivialize the nature of sexuality.

In a recent interview with Paper magazine, the actress/model explained how the criticisms against the song aren't accounting for Ora's own truths. “” she said. “If she hadn't ever felt that way and it wasn't true then that would be weird. She's being proud of something and saying it.”

The Paper Towns star added that Ora “[doesn't] need to apologize,” and that she should continue performing the song. “She did nothing wrong,” she stated. “She should be able to come forth and say, ‘This is the way I did this and I'm going to keep on singing this song because it's a great song.’ It came from the right intention and that's what's most important.”

Delevingne, who identifies as both bi-sexual and sexually fluid, goes on to say there will always be people unhappy with how someone represents an underrepresented community.  “No one's ever going to fully back one thing that happens,” she said. “There's always going to be a conversation. It's why you make music, or movies, so people can talk about it. That's the point.”

It's worth noting Delevingne and Ora were rumored to be dating in 2013.

Just days after the release of the song, which also features Cardi BCharli XCX and Bebe Rexha, Ora went to Twitter to address the backlash. "'Girls' was written to represent my truth and is an accurate account of a very real and honest experience in my life," Ora wrote, adding that she's previously had "romantic relationships with [both] women and men."

She continued: "I have strived to be a contributor to the LGBTQ+ community throughout my entire career and always will be."


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