My boyfriend, Rob, and I have been together for over 5 years now; so it is safe to say we've been through our fair share of annoying moments. Sometimes I find it fun to annoy him a little on purpose, because really what else is a girlfriend for?! ahah We have also been on a lot of vacations together, whether they be driving trips or out of the country trips and traveling has to be the most stressful time for couples.

If you think you have found your soulmate, but you have never been on vacation together, then you need too! A vacation shows you how someone acts while traveling, stressed, under pressure, in a new area, how they tip, etc.


Sometimes it doesnt even have to take a long trip to realize how annoying someone is in a car haha! Well a new survey found the 10 biggest ways couples make each other CRAZY when they're driving. ... How annoying are you?!

1. Driving too fast.

2. Tailgating.


3. Making the car too cold or too hot.

4. Getting lost or taking a bad route.

5. Filling up the car with trash.

6. Blasting the radio too loudly

Now I know that I am almost all those annoying things wrapped up into one terrible driver package hahah! & sadly that isn't even the entire list. Which means there are more things you probably do that are super annoying and piss off your significant other haha - See the full list, here!!


[ VIA: Netquote ]

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