I will choose to drink a beer over any other alcohol drink any day of the week! There's just something so refreshing and tasty about it, especially when it's ice cold! With that being said, I am also a very picky beer drinker.. I HATE IPA's, nothing too hoppy or dark and can't be too sweet either!

I was very lucky to grow up in Rochester, NY where we have national breweries (Genesee Brewery, Rohrbachs) and TONS of local ones (Three Brothers Brewery, Swiftwater, Knuckleheads, etc.). And the craft brewery industry has really taken off in our country; I mean in 1978 there were only 89 breweries..... today there is almost 5,000!!!!!!!


Unfortunately, not every city can be so lucky to have vast amounts of craft breweries! So if you're looking to travel, move, experience, or just whatever haha it never helps knowing the BEST cities for American beer!

Travelocity performed the , basing it on thins such as number of breweries, quality of beer, and flight and hotel prices if you want to visit them. So the best cities for beer??...

Best BIG cities:

  1. Portland, Oregon
  2. Denver
  3. Portland, Maine
  4. Santa Rosa, California.

Best SMALLER cities:

  1. Bend, Oregon
  2. Boulder, Colorado
  3. Fort Collins, Colorado
  4. Burlington, Vermont

Now lets go drink some beer!!!!!!!!

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