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Three Brothers Let Spider Bite Them So They Would Turn Into Spider-Man

On May 14, three brothers in Bolivia, ages 12, 10 and 8, were rushed to the hospital after all three were bitten by a venomous black widow spider. The brothers thought that if they were bitten, it would help them turn into Spider-Man. Instead, they got muscle pains, fevers and tremors. Most humans will not die from a black widow bite, but it can be lethal to small children, the sick and the elderly, so it's perhaps best to leave the super-heroics to the comics... (via Fox News)

Lady Gaga Teams Up With Postmates

Lady Gaga is teaming up with Postmates for the release of her new album, Chromatica, to donate $100,000 to celebrity chef José Andrés' charity, the World Central Kitchen. For every order made between Friday and Sunday, Postmates will donate $1 directly to WCK. Customers who use "CHROMATICA" will also receive free delivery. The organization aims to feed more than 250,000 meals each day. It has been feeding people throughout the country since April for either a nominal fee or free. (via TMZ)

Americans Fear They Will Never Get Their Pre-Coronavirus Body Back

A survey commissioned by Naked Nutritio found that the average American has gained five pounds since the pandemic started. Of those, two-thirds said that COVID-19 messed up their healthy lifestyle plans for 2020 and half of the respondents said they have given up hope about achieving a summer body this year. The average person thinks it will take eight weeks of regular training to get their old body back. (via Study Finds)

Elon Musk's SpaceX Launch Pushed to Saturday

On Wednesday, SpaceX's launch was delayed due to "unfavorable weather." The launch is now tentatively scheduled for Saturday at 3:22 PM ET, but the forecast is only 40% favorable for Saturday. This will be the first crewed space flight to take off from U.S. soil in nearly a decade. (via CNN)

Japan Has Strange New Rule for Reopening Amusement Parks

Japan is reopening amusement parks after lifting the state of emergency—but there will be some unique rules in place. First, to enter any park, visitors will be required to have a temperature check upon entry, wear a face mask, social distance and sanitize themselves. But one rule stands out above the rest: Guests will need to avoid shouting or cheering while riding outdoor attractions, and conversations are to be kept to a minimum. (via TMZ)

Scott Disick and Sofia Richie Are On a Break

A source claims that Scott Disick and Sofia Richie are currently taking a break so Disick can focus on his health and his kids. It was apparently Richie's choice to take some time off and since then, Disick has been maintaining a low profile... except when he took a trip to Utah with Kourtney and the kids. (via People)

104-Year-Old Red Sox Fan Beats Coronavirus

Jennine Stejan became ill with COVID-19 in early May. It was not looking hopeful but, thankfully for her and her family, she pulled through. She celebrated by cracking open and chugging a cold Bud Light as if she just won the World Series.

Dog Sets Guinness World Record for Most Tennis Balls in Mouth

A very good boy broke a world record by holding six (!) tennis balls in his mouth. Great job, Finley! We hope you got all the treats you deserve.

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