Broome County Executive Jason Garnar says he will have an announcement in a few days concerning the county’s involvement in the upcoming school year.

Getty Images/ mygueart
Getty Images/ mygueart


The Democrat says the county usually has minimal interaction with the school districts’ operations but with the coronavirus pandemic, officials have already had more presence.

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Garnar says there have been representatives of the government at the virtual meetings being held by districts for parents and teachers to discuss reopening plans. At least three meetings to go over details about in-person and on-line options are mandated by Governor Andrew Cuomo by August 21. 

Garnar says Broome County will be working with the school districts on testing and on contact tracing should any students or staff become infected by the coronavirus. 

The exact details of how schools will resume classes are still being worked out as administrators, teachers, parents and even the students themselves, are encountering all new and changing circumstances and concerns during the global pandemic. 


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