See? Gorgeous celebs sometimes date normals.

Well, not really.

Brad Pitt has just been linked to MIT college professor Neri Oxman, according to Perez Hilton. Calling her a ‘normal’ is probably underselling her quite a bit. Her Wikipedia entry (does your prof have a Wikipedia entry?) says she’s an ‘American-Israeli architect, designer, and professor at the MIT Media Lab’ where she does fancy things that combine art with technology. She also has a truly stunning headshot attached to that Wikipedia entry.

Still, she’s not quite as famous as Brad Pitt.

Of course, celebs do in fact date non-celebs. The Independent has gathered a whole list: Joseph Gordon-Levitt is married to a VP of business development at GeoSim. Reese Witherspoon is with a talent agent. Anne Hathaway married a jewelry designer.

But this is Brad Pitt, people.

There seem to be contradictory reports as to whether or not the two truly are together.

Anyway, Brad Pitt keeping hope alive for normals everywhere. Though the failure of Binghamton University professors to date any A-list film stars is a little disappointing. Get on it, people.

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