Everyone knows virtual reality is coming in a big way. But nobody knows exactly when it's going to explode. Facebook's Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and PlayStation are all big players, but even PlayStation has only sold 2 million of its VR headset according to Financial Times.

I'm a VR lover and have an HTC Vive myself. But there's still not enough content out there to truly enjoy it.

Cinema VR might be just the thing: According to the Washington Post, a pop up shop at Westfield Century City in LA is trying to give movie theaters a run for its money by focusing on the new tech. The idea is basically that you experience something that isn't quite a video game, but isn't quite a movie. It's an interactive experience that still tells a rich story that you couldn't really get away with if you gave the player complete control. People experimenting with the tech say the tough thing is figuring out the balance between interactivity and storytelling.

One example sited by the post is Alien Zoo, a 12 minute VR story created by a company whose investors include Stephen Spielberg. I've played "Gnomes & Goblins", also referenced by the Post. It was created by Iron Man director Jon Favreau. The experience was truly amazing but incredibly short... and I've been waiting 2 years to hear something about the development of the 'preview' they released.

Last year, LUMA included 3 different VR experiences and there's a good chance we'll bring something back this year. Unfortunately, I don't know of any year-round VR arcades in Greater Binghamton. But if a new one opens up, I'll be sure to post on the blog!

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