Yesterday we told you Kevin Boettcher, the University Ambassador at Binghamton University, was going to be a contestant on Jeopardy!. Turns out, Kevin ended up winning yesterday and pocketed a cool $23,000.

Kevin will be on the show again tonight as the returning champion and will face off against two new contestants. Even though Boettcher didn't answer the final question correctly, he still had the most amount of money, and therefore he won the game. Boettcher even correctly answered three Daily Double questions.

According to the Press & Sun-Bulletin, to get on the show Boettcher had to take and online test and answer 50 questions. Then months later he was invited to Philadelphia to audition for the show with another 40 possible contestants. There, he had to take another written test and compete and mock versions of the game. He told the Press & Sun-Bulletin that he received a call from Jeopardy! while he was cooking dinner. He didn't know the number, so he let it go through to voicemail.

Even though the shows are airing now, they were actually taped back in August.

Tune in tonight to see if this Binghamton man can do it again. Jeopardy! can be seen at 7:30 p.m. on WIVT News Channel 34. That's Channel 6 on Spectrum Cable.

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