High pony no more!

Ariana Grande flaunted a totally different hairstyle on Instagram today (Sept. 11), rocking a Princess Leia vibe with two braided buns on either side of her head.

Grande noticed the 'Star Wars' similarity herself, captioning the first of several photos, "Princess Leia-ish vibes on my day awf [sic] in japan....."

But that wasn't the only cultural reference she made in regards to her Scary Spice-like hairdo -- of course, she had to bring in Sir Mix-A-Lot's 'Baby Got Back/Nicki Minaj's 'Anaconda' into the mix, captioning another shot: "… don't want none unless u got bunz hun..... (never forgiving myself for this caption) #hadtotho."

Grande, who is currently making headlines over her allegedly diva-ish behavior, is known for rarely switching up her hair, instead choosing to rock the high ponytail as her signature look.

Personally, we're loving the change on the 'Problem' singer! It's definitely a funky style, but the braids look super intricate and cool, and Grande looks gorgeous with a different 'do.

Arianators, what do you think of Ariana Grande's braided buns? Check them out in the pictures above and below.

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