Lots of people are doing the right thing these days.  They're cleaning their homes, disinfecting their things, washing their hands with soap...but they're also doing this...

They're washing some of their food with bleach.

No joke.  There was a recent study of what people are doing to protect themselves from the virus and a huge list came back.  Many of the things people were doing are incredibly unsafe!

The study was done on a rather small sample.  There were only 502 people surveyed online and then they used statistical weighting to make it representative of the country’s population.  so there's that, but even with a small sample, how is the percentage not much closer to 0 percent?

39 percent of the people who took the survey admitted to participating in at least one risky preventative practice.

Here are some of the things that people admitted they've been doing (do not do any of them...they are all very dangerous):

  • washing fruits, vegetables, and other foods in bleach solutions.
  • used household cleaners—not hand soap—to wash their hands and/or other body parts (directly on their skin)
  • misted themselves with household cleaners and disinfecting products
  • inhaled the vapors of household cleaners like bleach
  • Drank/gargled bleach
  • Drank/gargled soapy water
  • Drank/gargled a bleach solution

Who in their right mind would think this was healthy to do?

The CDC encourages people to read the warning labels on all products and abide by them for their own health and safety.

So what should you do with the vegetables you get from the store?



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