Maybe I'm the only person who is noticing this, but it's got me wondering why our world changes some things like job titles and verbal store warnings.

For example, those of us who are on the air in the radio business used to be called disc jockeys. Now we are radio personalities. Personally, I like the latter, since we no longer spin discs (records) on a turntable. Our Chief Engineer is now IT - Information Technology and Engineering.

Are Fancy Job Titles Necessary?

My title for many years was a Program Director. Now I'm a Brand Manager. Look at business titles of the past like President and Treasurer. We now have these letter titles like CEO - Chief Executive Officer, COO - Chief Operating Officer, CFO - Chief Financial Officer, CMO - Chief Marketing Officer, and CTO - Chief Technology Officer.

Even the title of General Manager has new fancy names depending on the occupation. There are some job titles that have evolved into a better name. I like the use of Cast Member for those who work at the Disney properties.

A janitor is a custodian, a cashier is a customer service representative, well, you get the idea. I suppose some of these revamped job titles make sense, others I have to believe it doesn't really matter. The job is the same, right?

Now There Are Verbal Store Warnings?

And as for warnings, over the weekend, I was at an area business waiting to be checked out by a customer service representative, and the door alarm sounded. You know what I'm talking about, the alarm that blares a loud noise to indicate either you are shoplifting or the security tag on your purchase wasn't deactivated.

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We've heard them and had that embarrassing event happen to all of us at one time or another. Well, this one had a new take when it went off. A voice loudly proclaimed (the exact wording may be a bit different, but close enough) "Inventory Control Detection Device Activated."

Is that the wave of the future? Alarms with verbal warnings? A better way to say "possible shoplifter just passed through the doors?" I would have wanted to go hide in a corner with all the shoppers and employees staring at me being accused as a possible shoplifter.

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