While the sale of marijuana is legal in the state of New York, there are still regulations that must be followed, a point that was recently proven by the Tioga County Sheriff's Office.

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On Friday, February 11 at 10:00 a.m., search warrants were executed by the Tioga County Sheriff’s Office at the following locations: 715 State Route 17C in Owego, 57 North Main Street in Nichols, and 376 Broad St. in Waverly. An apartment above 376 Broad Street in Waverly was also raided.

The raid was a joint investigation conducted between the Tioga County Sheriff’s Office, the Tioga County District Attorney’s Office, and the New York State Police Special Investigations Unit, and the warrants were issued as a result of this effort.

According to the Tioga County Sheriff's Office, several complaints from area residents regarding the possibility of illegal activities taking place at each of the locations are what led to the investigation and raid.

After an investigation, authorities learned that each of the locations in the raid was doing business under the name “Bmillz” and that each of the locations in Owego, Nichols, and Waverly were illegally selling marijuana. Additionally, each location was "in possession of cannabis, and concentrated cannabis products well in excess of what is allowed by the New York State Marihuana Regulation & Taxation Act (MRTA)."

As a result of the raid, law enforcement discovered more than the legally allowed amount of cannabis and concentrated cannabis at each of the three business locations. All three businesses were also found in possession of large amounts of cash.

At the Nichols business location, it was discovered that there was equipment that was used to produce concentrated cannabis and that there were also "products in various stages of production."

At the apartment located above the Waverly business, the Tioga County SWAT Team discovered "finished product as well as equipment and chemicals used in the processing of marihuana into concentrated cannabis oil/resin."

According to the Tioga County Sheriff's Office, a large amount of the concentrated "cannabis products were packaged in a manner to mimic products commonly marketed to children." Law enforcement officials continue to investigate but say they believe charges will be filed.

Meanwhile, supporters have been staging protests to fight back against what they say is be unfair action taken by authorities against BMillz Sticker and Gift Shop and its employees.

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