You could say I have a sweet tooth for cookies. Not a fan of everything you might find on the supermarket shelves, but I'm not too picky.

I usually bring my lunch to work. I don't make enough to go out to lunch everyday, and frankly I don't the time. I will gobble down a sandwich (normally a tuna fish sandwich) a few crackers of some sort and a sweet which usually ends up being cookies.

My go to is, and don't laugh at me, animal crackers. First of all, they are healthier, and they are lower in calories than most cookies. At least that's my belief and I'm sticking to it. Plus I get to choose from three types of animal crackers that includes original, chocolate and iced. Of course the iced animal crackers are higher in calorie count, but it's a nice treat once in a while.

Speaking of cookies, I love it when the Girl Scout Cookie season comes around. So many types of cookies to choose from. My favorites are Lemonades, Thin Mints and my all time favorite is the Peanut Butter Patties. I could eat a whole sleeve of those cookies with no problem, but that would not be good for my calorie count, I'm sure.

I also like the Do-Si-Dos. Probably because I like to say the name. And it reminds me of a scene in the TV sitcom 'The Office' where the actor who plays Dwight Schrute orders a case of his favorite Do-Si-Dos. It's pretty funny. Well, I guess you'd have to watch the scene to understand what I mean.

Anyway, the whole reason for this writing is to let you know if don't already know, that for 2021, a new Girl Scout cookie is being introduced. It's a toast shaped cookie dipped in icing, that they have named 'Toast-Yay.'  But there's a catch. It will only be available in select markets.

What does that mean for us? At this time we do not know if our local Girl Scout councils will have this new cookie available for the 2021 season. We'll find out soon enough, but if it's not available, there's plenty of other great cookies to choose from until it does become available.

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