Working all day, every day from home has produced an interesting trend for American workers. Drinking on the job is now admittedly happening everywhere in the U.S. according to an survey displayed with an interactive map graphic showing what percentage of each state was found to be boozing while on the clock.

According to, an American Addiction Centers Resource, 35% of New Jerseyans and 38% of Pennsylvanians are drinking alcohol at home during work hours.

The survey of 3,000 American workers found that one fifth stockpiled alcohol for self-isolation, one in three are likely to drink more alcohol while in isolation and that beer is the drink of choice for those who choose to drink during work hours.

These stats show that even with forced isolation Americans aren’t apparently willing to give up that after – or during – work drink. seeks to help those suffering from alcoholism. Help is just a call away, by their 24/7 American Addiction Centers helpline. Call 866-826-0587.

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