Ally Brooke knows that there's nothing better than someone who loves you just the way you are.

On her new collaboration with German producer Topic, "Perfect," the Texas-bred singer touts the power of acceptance. It's a bright mid-tempo pop anthem about being with someone who makes you feel comfortable in the skin you're in.

"You're not tryin' to change me / Even though I'm crazy / When it's all too much then you take me home / Wearing no makeup, think I'm beautiful / And when I mess up you let me be me," Brooke coos on the first verse, her smooth vocal cushioned by a twinkly guitar riff.

Topic & Ally Brooke - Perfect

"There's always going to be somebody smarter / Someone prettier who works a little harder... / And every time I feel like I ain't really worth it / Then you say I'm perfect," she continues on the chorus, before the song bursts into a blissful, stuttering electronic breakdown

Listen to the empowering track, below:

The collaboration marks the Fifth Harmony singer's second foray into solo music. In 2016, Brooke teamed up with EDM duo Lost Kings and rapper A$AP Ferg on a swagger-filled club track called "Look at Us Now."

"Perfect" is released on January 26 via Ultra Records.

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