It wouldn't shock anyone if you were to say that you are even more afraid of flying now because of what is happening all over the world. You know while on a flight social distancing really isn't a thing. So, how can they change the seating or anything to make sure the safety of the passenger is just right?

According to, an Italian manufacturer of airline seats, Avio Interiors,  recently showed off on Instagram what can possibly be the future look of airplane seats after this whole pandemic. The seats look a little interesting because it is set up to have 3 passengers in every row but the middle seats are facing the opposite way. There is also a glass piece in between seats.

We learned from that the idea was taken from the "two-faced god of Ancient Rome" and it is called the "Janus" design. 

In the Avio Interiors IG post’s caption it says "Janus” seat is made of easy cleaning and safe hygienisation materials." That's cool and all but the question is, are you thinking about families traveling with kids? We're sure families would want to have their kids right next to them.

Avio Interiors also posted IG pictures of a glass piece that can just be added on top of the current seats on an airplane. It gives a little more help with social distancing. The name of the glass piece to practice social distancing is " Glassafe."

This whole coronavirus definitely has everyone's minds going everywhere, trying to figure out how we can make sure we stay safe but still get to go on vacation trips.


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