We all have that drawer in our homes that we throw miscellaneous, well, junk into. You may want to pay more attention into what's going in there-- It could save your life.

Many fire departments around our area reminded people that Daylight Saving Time this past weekend is a good time to change the 9-volt battery in your smoke detector.

It turns out though that just chucking 9-volt batteries into a drawer and forgetting it is there could lead to a massive house fire.

News 5 Cleveland explored this issue in the video below:


The reporter in the video spoke with a man who's home burst into flames. How did the fire start?

All the man did was change the 9-volt battery in a smoke detector, throw the battery into a paper bag, and left the bag in the drawer. Soon after, the batteries combusted, and his home caught fire.

News 5 Cleveland looked into several other cases of this occurring, including one at a home in New Hampshire, where the batteries sparked a fire after being thrown into a junk drawer in the kitchen.

Going a step further, the news crew did a few tests. First they measured how much the temperature of a coin increased after the coin sat on a battery's terminals. In just a matter of minutes, the coin's temperature jump from around 70 degrees to more than 150 -- more than double.

Additionally, the crew threw a 9-volt battery into a drawer with household kitchen items, like steel wool, car keys, coffee filters. After opening and closing the drawer a few times, the steel wool started on fire after getting in contact with the steel wool.

So how you you circumvent this death sentence of a battery? Pretty easily, actually. All you have to do is either place a battery cap back on the 9-volt, or place a piece of electrical tape over the terminals of the battery.

So if you haven't already, If I were you, I would go to that drawer you are keeping the battery in, and get some electrical tape on there.

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