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Winter is coming, like it or not.

It's no use trying to prevent winter from getting here. Winter will win that battle every time.

That leaves one option: adapt.

Winters in the Southern Tier can be unforgiving. Remember the three feet of snow we got that one day back in March 2017? I know I won't forget that day.

One of the sometime most frustrating parts of winter is driving. Its cold. If you break down, you are stuck in frigid temperatures.

The best thing to be in your car during winter, is prepared.

Here's some of the must-have items to help your vehicle tackle a Southern Tier winter.


1. Windshield Snow Cover

I can't tell you how much time snow covers have saved me each morning. Just make sure you remember to put it on at night. The next morning, you will save a couple minutes while you are trying to leave for work because you won't have to scrape ice off your window!

Credit: MCBUTY via Amazon

2. Collapsible Snow Shovel

This one is the best of both worlds. If it snows during the day while you are at work, you'll have to spend several minutes later in the evening clearing snow just so you can leave the parking lot. If you keep a snow shovel in your trunk, you won't have to go back inside the office searching for one

Even better, get a collapsible/extensible shovel to safe space.

Credit: Subzero via Amazon

3. Roadside Emergency Kit

Another must, you'll need it if you break down. Get one with jumper cables, reflective vest, cones/lights, and a solid flashlight.

Credit: Always Prepared via Amazon

4. Anti-Frost Windshield Fluid

One of the most frustrating parts of winter is dealing with the windshield. First you have to make sure it's clear, then you have to make sure it stays clear.

Sometimes though, wiper fluid can frost when you use it to clean the windshield (which kind of makes the problem worse). Find anti-frost wiper fluid to get around that.

Credit: McKee's 37 via Amazon

5. Collapsible Ice Scraper/Brush

I have one of these types of brushes, and I can safely say, having an extensible brush is fantastic. Bargains are awesome, but make sure you invest in a high-quality brush. The last thing you want is for your scraper to break while you are getting ice off your windows.

Credit: Snow MOOver via Amazon

6. Insulated Gloves

Here's something else you shouldn't skimp on. A good pair of gloves is something you'll want in the winter, especially if you are stuck on the side of the road. Frostbite is no joke.

Credit:: KINGSBOM via Amazon

7. Heated Car Blanket

There are plenty of heated blanket that plug right into the socket in your car. This one would be great for long car rides, but would also make waiting for a tow truck should you break down much more comfortable.

Credit: Ezone via Amazon