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Look, Amazon is great. It's convenient, and you can find pretty much any item you can think of.

Sometimes though, you find something on Amazon that makes you scratch your head and say, "Huh?".

Like this for instance. It's a pillow... with Nicholas Cage on it. Who is actually buying this? (Click the picture below if you want to buy it)

Credit: custom pillow case via Amazon

There's plenty of other things you can buy that are weird. Not "Nicholas Cage pillow" level, but still odd.

There's even some Binghamton-related items that you can find on Amazon that are a little out of the ordinary. Here they are:

1. Spiedie Marinade

Admittedly, not the weirdest thing in the world. I get that spiedie marinade is the heaven's nectar and is sparsely sold outside the Southern Tier, but what if the bottle breaks while it's being shipped?

Credit: Salamida via Amazon

2. "Someone in Binghamton Loves Me" Shirt

Um... yeah, I'm sure someone does.

David Hermanovitch


3. "Binghamton Girl" Shirt

Number two on this shirt is the only way I want to be described from now on.

Credit: Living In NY Proud Vintage USA Born Sports


4. Bubba J Shirt

It's been about a year since Jeff Dunham performed in Binghamton, but if you missed out, apparently you can still buy a shirt from the show. And come on, who doesn't want to have a beer with Bubba J?

Credit: Jeff Dunham: Passively Aggressive Tour via Amazon

5. Paper Map of Binghamton

If you prefer a more old school approach to travel, then whatever floats your boat. Probably good for if you are stuck somewhere with no cell service. Still, I think most gas stations sell these. Would someone pay more than $10 for something they can get at a gas station?

Credit: JIMAPCO via Amazon