Whenever I tell someone who doesn't live in the State of New York, that I live there, they immediately assume I'm from New York City. That's just the perception for outsiders when it comes to "New York."

I live on the opposite side of the state in Western New York, and other than the sheer size, the biggest difference between New York City and most other regions in this state is the affordability of living.

Much of New York is actually, reasonably prices, albeit you have to pay more taxes than most other states.

There are plenty of cities and bigger towns in New York State where you can find an affordable house price and even a fair share of great renting prices.

Extra Space recently crunched the numbers for what are the most affordable places in New York State to live, and a couple of big cities made the list, which might surprise you.

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The rankings were based on median home purchase price, and they all had affordable median monthly rent as well.

Here are what made the list in the top five cheapest places to live in New York State.

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