Until you have truly experienced hardship, it's difficult to understand and realize how good some of us have it and how lucky we actually are!! I'm going to warn you now... this is a story about a strong 10-year-old boy, and yes it may make you sad but I'm hoping it also inspires you to give back!!

10-year-old Thomas Hastings lives in Hartford, Connecticut and suffers from muscular dystrophy. He gets around alright, but gets worn down easily so he is generally in a wheelchair. One of Thomas' favorite sports is baseball (Boston Red Sox wahoooo!), in fact he used to be on a little league team until it became too exhausting for him.

Well the Make-A-Wish Foundation received a request from Thomas recently; the foundation put their resources together and made something incredible... A mini Fenway Park field in his BACKYARD!!!!!!

Tim Yakaitis/DroneOn Aerial Photgraphy
Tim Yakaitis/DroneOn Aerial Photgraphy

As you can see the park is just big enough to play whiffle ball with his friends, but hey that's perfect for him!! It has the exact same dimensions as the real Fenway Park, including a scoreboard, stadium lighting, press box, bullpen in right field, and of course a mini Green Monster!

And it wasn't just Make-A-Wish who stepped up to build this incredible field for Thomas; The University of Hartford baseball team donated bleachers, and the Red Sox head groundskeeper even got the exact same sod they use at the real Fenway.

The whole thing took 34 days to build, but to see the joy and excitement on Thomas' face made the whole thing priceless!!! Video below shows Thomas throwing out the first pitch at their "opening day" this past Saturday!!


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