It's ok. You can admit it. We've all bent the rules a time or two. Some more than others. What are the laws broken the most? Here are the top 14. See how many you're guilty of.

Anyone with a license has surely driven over the speed limit. I do it on a daily basis, but don't tell anyone. And let's not even count the number of times we've seen someone on the phone while behind the wheel. It's not only against the law, it's dangerous for you and everyone else on the road. So put the phone down and just focus on driving.

When you're eyes are on the road rather than your phone, it's amazing what you can see. Like the lawbreaker who is jaywalking rather than crossing the street at the crosswalk. We're probably all guilty of that one.


Sometimes we break a law we didn't realize was even a law, like singing in public. That's right. It could violate copyright laws. But I doubt you'll get thrown in jail for this one. Thank God or I'd be behind bars all the time. And don't even get me started on the peeing in public law. I can tell you where the best spots are to go on every hole at our golf course. Expect hole one of course, because you should have gone when you were in the clubhouse.

Here are the 14 laws broken most often in New York.

14 Laws in New York People Break Most Often

We're all guilty. Some more than others. How many of the 14 most broken laws are you guilty of?

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If you do any of the following actions, you might end up with a fine. But odds are you will be safe. Maybe heir on the side of caution though. Except with the flirting one, that one has to be totally wrong.

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