A man named Peter McCathie, Who is from Canada may be the luckiest unlucky man on earth! Check out this Weird News Wednesday store.

A Canadian man named Peter McCathie was on a boating trip and Nova Scotia when he was 14 years old. It was a sunny day and he was waiting water in the lake when he suddenly got struck by lightning. He survived. And now he's in his 40s and he just won a million dollars!

The odds of getting struck by lightning in Canada are about one in a million, and the odds of winning the lottery game that he won on are 13,983,816!

Peter actually owns the store where he purchased the ticket so that means he gets an additional $10,000 from the lottery commission. And all of this wasn't weird enough Peter's very own daughter was also struck by lightning a few years ago. And in case you're wondering what the odds of all three things happening to the same guy, well it's one in 2.6 TRILLION!

So now you understand why I called him the luckiest unlucky man on earth!


Source: CTV News