One of the new features of is our BFFs loyalty club section.  Wild 104's  BFFs loyalty club is your chance to win great prizes, just by playing some free games.  Here's what you need to do to give it a try this weekend, or anytime.First, click the 'join now' button under 'BFFs' on any page of  Next, play some fun games, like virtual scratchoffs, slot machines, or my favorite; blackjack.  Playing (and winning) those games will give you points.  I've accumulated over 100,000 points playing blackjack (though I can't win contests, being a station employee).  Once you have some points, go to the 'contests' section of BFFs, and choose what prizes you would like to win.  Currently, you can win $500 in cash, a 3D TV, Target and Amazon Gift Cards, and a trip to California to see No Doubt in concert.  Most contests are 500 points per entry, enter as many times as you would like, up to the contest's limit.  The best part, all of this is FREE!  The blackjack game has me hooked, see if you can win 113,720 points at it, like I have.

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