I remember when I finally upgraded my IPhone last year and got the IPhone 10, I felt such a grown up. I know that sounds weird, but I usually just keep an IPhone until it dies or something really bad happens and I can't use it anymore. Being in the Apple Store and making the decision to get an awesome new phone all on my own felt empowering. One of my favorite features of the IPhone 10, was the Facial recognition. I mean, come on, you just look at your phone and it unlocks it? I thought that was pretty sweet. Unfortunately, when I set it up in the store, like most people, I wasn't wearing sunglasses. So when I am wearing my sunglasses, I have to lift my sunglasses up to get into my phone, or just type in my passcode. The same goes for when I am wearing my cloth mask when I'm out in public, and if I'm wearing rubber gloves, it's even harder to get into my phone. Thank goodness, Apple created a software to help us all out.

According to one of my favorite site, Thrillist, Apple released a new software update which will make it so much easier to unlock your phone while wearing your mask. So you have to download iOS 13.5 on your phone and you should be able to unlock it as well as download and purchase apps all while wearing your protective mask.

You can check out how it works in the video below.

There are also some other cool features with this software update like COVID-19 Exposure Notification and they've also made improvements on their group Facetime features. Apple is keeping up with the times, kuddos to them.

For more info about this update, click here.

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