On Reddit, a woman shared she was slammed by her sister-in-law and family after she modeled wedding dresses shortly after her brother's wedding.

The woman explained she models on the side and had done a photo shoot for a bridal boutique in her hometown just three weeks before her brother, Simon, got married to her now-sister-in-law, Nancy.

Out of her control, the photos were released one week after Simon and Nancy's wedding — and the new bride was furious.

"It was for a local boutique which isn’t really big, they have maybe two branches in our region," she wrote via Reddit. "My brother, Simon, got married last week but they postponed their honeymoon because of his job. So when the advert came out yesterday, my sister-in-law Nancy saw it in the shopping center. She called me and asked why I have bridal photos in the city center and I told her I got an offer to model bridal gowns for this boutique."

Thinking she didn't do anything wrong, she asked Nancy "what she thought" of the photos. She didn't get the response she was hoping for.

"Honestly, I was expecting feedback like 'you looked beautiful' or 'the gowns looked good on you', but instead she yelled at me on the phone and accused me of being jealous of her," she continued. "I was surprised because Nancy and I are friendly with each other, I didn’t expect her to blow up on me like that. She hung up on me and a few minutes later I got a call from her sister, who sounded really upset with me for stealing her sister’s thunder."

The woman stood up for herself.

"I told her Nancy’s wedding was literally 7 days ago, so why are they accusing me of stealing her thunder? We got into a verbal altercation, she called me names, and I retaliated and called her names before I hung up," she said, adding her sister-in-law's family has been leaving negative comments on her modeling photos after she posted them on social media.

"Last night I saw a TikTok video about the whole situation and a lot of Nancy’s friends are siding with her, they said I was jealous of the bride that’s why I did the photo shoot. They’re also commenting nasty things on my Instagram, so I had to turn the comment section off," she wrote.

Meanwhile, her brother refuses to address it: "I asked Simon to talk to his wife but he wants nothing to do with it."

In the comments, users mostly sided with the woman, claiming she was simply "doing her job" and that her sister-in-law is overreacting.

"I don't understand what's wrong with those people. She had her day, you are doing your job. This sounds like people in their teens," one person wrote.

"You were working and even if you weren't, how long is anything bridal banned for because of her wedding? She, her sister and her friends are ridiculous," another user commented.

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