So Governor Andrew Cuomo has mentioned that Covid infection rates around our country and in the states that border New York is a concern. He is quoted as saying "It is really getting much, much worse by the day."

And New York State is not doing well either, especially Western and Central New York. As you probably know, Governor Cuomo has put some restrictions in place, including certain 10 p.m. curfews.

Those curfews include places with liquor licenses, along with gyms and restaurants. Restaurants can only offer curb-side pick-up of food after 10 p.m. And remember that 50 person limit for private residential parties? Yea, it's going to change to a limit of 10 people beginning Friday, which is coincidentally, Friday the 13th. Talk about bad luck for real.

How will this affect your Thanksgiving plans? Did you have more than 10 people set to break bread on November 26th in your home? Well, if you do, you are in violation of the order. Just a side note, if I have 10 people over for Thanksgiving, do I need to count my pets as people? If so, I could be in violation.

And how about the Thanksgiving tradition of heading out to the bars in the evening to celebrate or escape the extended family craziness? That's not gonna happen this year.

It will be weird driving through downtown Binghamton on Thanksgiving after 10 p.m. to see empty streets and bars. That will be a first, and a sad thing to see. Thanks to the coronavirus of course. Or will people just go over the border to Pennsylvania to find an open bar, restaurant or gym after 10 P.M.?

My question is, who will be checking to make sure no more than 10 people will be congregating in a private residence? Will I get a knock on the door, with a warning or a fine? What if it's not really a party, but more of a bunch of people getting together to discuss a new book or recipe?

But seriously, I understand the point is to try to contain the virus as best can be done. If these measures don't help, the restrictions may get worse along with the virus, and none of us want that.

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