If you haven't seen the latest popular drink bomb, it is by far the hot chocolate bomb. They are all over social media and people are buying and selling them like crazy. When you pour hot milk over the hot chocolate bombs, they open up and are filled with goodies inside like marshmallows and other sweet treats. Now, Taste of Home reports, there may be a new drink bomb that is trending. That drink bomb is a tea bomb and it's trending all over social media including Tik Tok and Instagram.

Don't they look magical? I think so! For people who love hot tea or iced tea, these bombs look like they are infused with flowers, and in some cases CBD. Taste of Home even has a recipe  for you to make your own. It's the same concept where after the tea bomb is made with isomalt you pour hot water over it and watch it open up into your glass.

The hot chocolate bombs are extremely trendy and they are popping up all over my newsfeed. I haven't bought one or made one, because I don't really drink hot chocolate. If I'm doing some kind of fun outdoor activity, then maybe? I have some packets of it in my house, but like I said, I don't really drink it. They look fun and all, and maybe I'll give them a shot, there are so many places selling them. Maybe these places will also start to sell these tea bombs? I/m more of a tea drinker anyway, so maybe I'll give these a try.


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