Is a four second workout really all you need to burn off calories while you're either at work or in isolation?

I'm not the definition of fitness by any means but I try to stay as active as I can. Unlike a lot of people I thoroughly enjoy running on a treadmill. I like to know how fast I'm going and how far I'm going at all times. I'm also a fan of the gym atmosphere. It motivates me to work out more when I'm at a gym that I'm paying for every month.

I have not adjusted to working out at home and I honestly don't believe that I will. It's boring to me and my home is my home. It's not a weight room.

With the rise in popularity of crossfit, the benefits to having fast and hard impact sessions vs steady longer workouts has been debated for almost a decade.

Could working out for a few seconds a couple times a day be enough to stay in shape or even shed some weight? The 4 second workout is trending according to TODAY. This new plan is where you exert yourself for 4 seconds five times an hour every hour.

Could this work? Some say they were able to burn more fat by doing this routine.

I personlly would not want to work out that often. I'd rather ru for an hour and be done for the day.

Would you try it?

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