Has it really come to this?! You "Pumpkin Spice Fanatics" have really gone too far this time! As if Pumpkin Spice Seltzer wasn't bad enough Kraft is making Pumpkin Spice Mac & Cheese! I can't imagine any universe where this would taste good! Not only did you nut jobs support the idea of taking the beautiful meal that is Mac & Cheese with your dirty Pumpkin Spice addiction in Canada, you made so much noise about it that it's coming to the US.

I tried to turn a blind eye to this abomination when it was strictly promotional contest north of the border but I always feared it would spread into my beloved home, the U.S.A. Now it has. I can not let this pass. You've gone too far! I've decided to try and teach you the only acceptable things that you can add Pumpkin Spice to with a short gallery below.

Acceptable Pumpkin Foods

PIE! Pie is the acceptable Pumpkin Spiced food! I hope this helped you.

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