Whoever says that work isn't stressful is lying to you. It could be a little stressful or a lot but at some level, work can be stressful.

Today SHOULD be a day off of work.  But it's not, so now we have to go back to the stressful pressure cooker of our jobs and hear Linda's thoughts on the Super Bowl commercials.  She probably liked that Skittles one.  Classic Linda.

PR Newswire has gotten to the bottom of what causes us to want to drink at the end of a day at work.

A new survey found the four things that stress us out the most at work.  And they are:  Heavy workloads and crazy deadlines, 33% . . . demanding and unrealistic bosses, 22% . . . work-life balance, 22% . . . and our coworkers, 15%.

The survey also found the five cities with the most stressed out workers are:  Salt Lake City . . . Des Moines, Iowa . . . Boston . . . Cleveland . . . and New York.

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