You've got to see this viral video. This poor woman, Jennifer, got caught with her pants down, literally, as she and her coworkers had a meeting recently on Zoom. If you don't know what Zoom is, it's a virtual way to get everybody in the office together. Many companies have utilized this tool since everyone's been social distancing and working from home.

At first, when my friends starting posting this, I didn't see what was happening because my sound is always turned off while I'm in the studio but, once I turned the sound on it all made sense.

Jennifer's coworkers' expressions are priceless. Jennifer, your laptop camera is still on, even in the bathroom.

Watch it here:


Are you cringing like I was? Poor Jennifer. Don't be Jennifer. Lol.

There's your Zoom lesson of the day. Yikes.

For more on Jennifer's story, click here.


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