If you travel on the Thruway you better keep a close eye on your EZ Pass statement. That's the warning after a Central New York trucking company was overcharged hundreds of dollars.

Suzanne Rimmer of Jace Rustin Trucking in Mohawk says the company, which uses the New York State Thruway often, has months of overcharges. "Our reup is $670 each time and we've had this issue frequently," said Rimmer.

Double Charged

Rimmer was told the issue is over tags not being read. But she says her company is actually being charged double. Once for a 5 axle truck and another for a 5 axle trailer. "It took me over three hours to explain both tractor and trailer is 5 axle but they are billing us twice."

After hours of phone calls and complaints, Jace Rustin Trucking was reimbursed for the overcharges. Rimmer said they are now being asked to take out all the EZ Passes from the trucks and just pay a monthly bill. "To have this happen is outrageous with Highway Use Tax, fuel tax, and all the other quarterly tax New York State and the government slaps us with."

Jace Rustin Trucking isn't alone. Several trucking companies in New York have the same complaint. The Interim Director of Green County Department of Human Services had it happen too. A co-worker shared his warning on Facebook.

New Tolls

The real problem is the new overhead scanners recently installed on the Thruway. They don't always read your EZ Pass and then you get charged the maximum for your trip. There's no warning of an issue like there used to be at the toll booths either and the EZ PASS isn't automatically fixing the issue. You have to call first.

I asked if EZ Pass was automatically fixing this and she stated no, we were instructed only to credit those that call.

You can sign up for text message alerts. If you want to dispute a charge and it occurred within the last 180 days, you can submit your dispute in writing to the E-ZPass Customer Account Correspondence, PO Box 15187, Albany, NY 12212-5187.

New Jersey passed a law that requires customers are notified when EZ Pass overcharges occur. Maybe New York should do the same. Lawmakers have sent a letter to Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli asking for a review of overcharges and a solution to fix the problem.

"This is out of control and this needs to be looked into and fined handed out as we all are," Rimmer said.

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