Netflix and Hulu are the most popular subscription services for movies but did you know there is an entire market of subscription services for clothes? According to, Urban Outfitters launched a new project, Nuuly, that will pretty much allow you to rent clothing. As outlandish as it may sound, the money being made makes it worth while.

Nuuly allows shoppers to choose from six pieces of clothing, separated by brand and style, for $88 every month. All items must be returned by the due date outlined by Nuuly in order to get six more items the following month. But is it really worth it to spend $88 for clothes you can only wear for a month and can't keep? Not the greatest idea as a customer if you ask us.

One thing that The Inquirer mentioned was that you are able to purchase it after the month is up. Now the question is, how much more is it going to be? You already paid the 88 bucks.

Nuuly is not the "innovator" of the whole wardrobe subscription service. The Philly based company will have to compete against other companies, like Rent The Runway. The Philadelphia Inquirer reports, that the clothing rental market could increase to $2.5 billion dollars within the next three years. Nice to see a Philly-based store making that moola.

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