Daily Mail reports that Tinder just announced that it will soon be rolling out a feature that allows it's users to look up people before they go out with them. They will not only be able to look them up, they will find out details like criminal history. Tinder has partnered with Garbo, which is a background checking website. Tinder has not announced yet how much they will charge their users for the new background check feature, but usually, a criminal background check can cost up to $15. You do need the Tinder users name and phone number in order to look them up and can include a bunch of different criminal activity.

I laughed so hard when Joe from Chris and the Crew told me he literally finds out everything about a guy before he goes on a date with them. I haven't been single in quite some time, but I would imagine that if I was dating now, I would probably do some investigative work on the guy I was going out with, but Joe literally can found out this guy's address and credit score. It almost scares me that you can find so much information about someone just by paying a few dollars. Perhaps Tinder is onto something and making users feel a little safer? Or maybe they are making people not have anything to talk about on a first date? I'm sure Tinder will find out once they launch the feature how many people pay for it.

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