A few weeks ago, I reported on the 10 Worst Places To Live In New York State. Two of those communities were from the Southern Tier - Endicott at #8 and Binghamton at #7. The reactions were interesting, to say the least. The results came from an article in Money Inc late in 2020.

Do we agree with that list? Some do and many don't. Sure, our area has its issues, but so doesn't every other community in New York State and that includes every community in the United States as well.

100 Best Places To Live In America

So, let's turn this around to a positive. Last month, (October 2021), the Livability website came out with its list of the 2021 Top 100 Best Places To Live In America. Yes, a positive list for once. And while Binghamton and Endicott were not on this list, there was one Southern Tier city, a Capitol Region city, and a popular Central Pennsylvania city on the list.

The criteria for being in the top 100 in the Livability website article states:

"We analyzed more than 1,000 small to mid-sized cities on factors like safety, affordability, economic stability, outdoor recreation, accessibility, community engagement."

The Livability article mentions an interesting fact that since the pandemic began in March of 2020:

"More than 42% of the U.S. population has either moved or considered moving."

So, what Southern Tier, Capital Region, and Central PA cities made the list? Well, I have to agree these three cities are worthy of being in the top 100. Take a look and see if you agree.

Best Cities To Live In America

via Livability

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