I may not have actually ridden a horse in quite a few years but I still manage to get to the barn once in a while. I am also lucky enough to have neighbors with horses so i never feel like they are to far away. This Friday is the National Day of the Horse according to the National Days Calendar.

This day was set aside for people to celebrate the many contributions that the horse has with our economy, history and character of the United States. The reason we celebrate the horse in North America on December 13th is because the United States Senate adopted Resolution 452 on November 18, 2004 recognizing December 13th as the National Day of the Horse.

Horse were part of the working fabric of the United States. Today horse are both recreational animals and are still in service to this country as part of mounted units in the armed forces and local police departments. They have also become service animals over time that have proved valuable for helping with PTSD and other issues we experience as humans. The bond between horse and human date back beyond recent centuries.

I grew up riding horse and hanging around at barns. I have one piece of advice for any parent who is going through what my parents went through with me wanting a horse. You don't have to giving in to buying one but you will have to give in to at least the lessons. It isn't a phase and they won't out grow it.

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