The Coronavirus has impacted just about everybody in the world in one way or another. To some it's been a minor inconvenience, while to others, it has taken a friend or family member and has changed their life forever.

I thank God no one in my family has gotten sick with the virus. I know a friend of mine who lost his father to the virus here in Broome County a couple of weeks ago, and my heart still goes out to him and his children.

I'm trying to count my blessings and just wait it out, but there are certain things that I really do miss doing. First and foremost, I miss not getting to see my family. We didn't get together for Easter and some of them I haven't seen since Christmas.

I know my wife Chris is dying to go to have her hair done, but the beauty salons are not open in Broome County yet. I don't have to worry about that because Chris cuts my hair.

I can't wait to actually sit down in a restaurant with friends and enjoy some good food, drinks, and conversation. Or to go out to a bar and hang with friends.

I've been needing a new belt for a couple of months now. That's not something I want to order online. I wan't to be able to try it on before I buy it, but all the clothing stores in our area reamin closed as well.

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I want to be able to have friends and family over the house for a cookout and then sit around the bonfire drinking beer and exchanging stories.

Like I said, I count my blessings knowing that I am still working and my family and friends are healthy. I can't wait until May 15th. That is the day that they are talking about slowly starting to reopen the Southern Tier. I guess I can be patient for another week and a half.

Stay safe.

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