Taylor Swift, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds responded to a fan's request for the four to create The Last Great American Dynasty movie.

Last week, Twitter user @TSlifestyle13 suggested that the "Lover" singer create a film around her song, "The Last Great American Dynasty." The song, off Swift's latest album Folklore, was inspired by Rebekah West Harkness' life story. Rebekah was also the first owner of Swift's Rhode Island mansion.

"The story is timeless yet unique, the music would be exquisite, and it already has the perfect title," @TSlifestyle13 added. "As for the cast: Blake Lively (Rebekah), Ryan Reynolds (Bill), Jesse Tyler Ferguson (neighbor)."

Ferguson was the first to respond to this movie pitch and was all for it. "Ok, I'm avail [sic] for this," he wrote, tagging his friends in the post.

Reynolds added, "But Bill's heart..." His tweet referred to Rebekah's husband William Hale Harkness' passing from a heart attack.

"Not trying to be The Loudest Woman This Town Has Ever Seen but... I LOVE THIS," Swift finally replied.

Lively also gave her seal of approval. "I painted Ryan key lime green ... I can’t wait till he wakes up," she wrote. Lively referenced the lyrics from the song, "And in a feud with her neighbor / She stole his dog and dyed it key lime green."

See the tweets, below.

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