It’s time for another midweek crisis! Take a look at what this week’s letter writer has to say and offer up your advice.

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Here is what our letter writer has to say:

"Hey Tanya, my friend is a self proclaimed "healthy nut." But she's a little too obsessed with eating healthy foods if you ask me. I'll give you an example.

Sometimes we'll meet up with our friends to grab a drink, and after she finishes her first drink, she reaches into her purse and pulls out two tea bags. Then she asks the server to bring her a cup of hot water and she makes her own tea right there in the restaurant or bar!  She says it's to "flush out her system" and "avoid a hangover."

This is after just one drink, mind you, it's not like we'd been drinking all night long and she does this at the end of the night. It's super embarrassing. Is she going too far with the whole healthy eating thing?"

Well, I think eating healthy can become an obsession, but I could think of worst obsessions. Do I think she's going too far? Maybe. But if she feels better when she eats/drinks this way then she's going to keep doing it.

Lots of people will have a drink then have a glass of water to avoid a hangover, so maybe her tea is her way of doing the same thing. I'd say this is your friend and we all have little quirks that make us us....this is her.

And I can understand how it could be a little awkward but I'd say the way to deal with it would be to reach for a second drink when you're out and not give it a second thought when she orders tea!

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