If only I was swimming in money or won a large chunk of cash in the lottery, the list of things I would do is large.

After paying off all my bills, I'd sell my crappy little house (or give it away) and but one of the most expensive homes on the market in the Binghamton area. So let's just say, my cash dream came true. I took a look at Zillow, the website that lists homes for sale around the country, and searched for the top priced home for sale in Binghamton.

The home that came up has many impressive features, including five bedrooms, five bathrooms (I currently only have one, and it's small), finished basement, bar, indoor pool, spa, fireplace, central air and covered garage that fits up to three vehicles. Oh yea, this home even has a gym!

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So you see, this would one hell of an upgrade for me. Check out some of the pictures of this amazing home.

via Zillow

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