Ways to get hired
It is a very competitive world we live in. And, we need any advantage we can to get hired for a job.
Your Job Is Hurting Your Health
You look forward to going to work every morning, right? No? If your job is stressful, if you dread getting out of bed in the morning, you're not alone.
Everyone's a comedian at work
If you have ever wondered what makes one employee more of a favorite with the boss over someone else it could be that they have a nice sense of humor.
A new survey was done and most bosses say that, at some level, a sense of humor is a great quality to have as an employee.
Your boss is judging your desk
I'm sure it is no surprise that having a messy desk can make you look unprofessional. But, I am sure this will surprise you too...a clean desk can be unprofessional as well.
I'm going to call this the "Marriage Study" because you can't win...
Great app for work
Anyone who says that they don't have at least one annoying co-worker must work from home. Here is the perfect way to get annoying co-workers away from you.
The worst part about annoying co-workers is that no matter how many times you hint that you can't deal with them, they don't get i…
Spending Lunch Away From Desk
Like many of us, I definitely don't take full advantage of my lunch hour at work. Only twenty percent of people even step away from their desks during this time.
Some office taboos
We all know someone at work that are guilty of breaking one or more of these office taboos. If you don't know someone then it's YOU!
I will admit that I am guilty of breaking one of these office no-no's. But, you will have to guess which one is the one I broke...

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