How to lie to your scale
I used to hate going to the Doctors office because of the dreaded scale. Just the sight of it would make my blood pressure rise.
Get more sleep
Sleep is very important for all areas of your life. Especially, if you want to lose weight or get healthy. Here is how much sleep you should be getting.
Easy trick to eat less
The holidays are here. And, other than money, the most stressful thing is eating too much. Here is an easy way to eat less.
Glass of Wine Benefit?
I can think of about a dozen people that could have made this study up. But, it is a real study. A glass of wine is the same as hitting the gym.
How Louie G lost weight
The reason I am writing this blog is because I recently got on the scale and realized that I am 10 pounds away from weighing what I did when I graduated high school.
An easy way to cut calories
It's no secret that cutting calories and fat will you with your weight loss battle. We all wish there was a secret. Well, this might not be a secret but it could help a lot.

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